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Swimming Beaches:  Michikawa, Honjo Marina and Nishime


You can enjoy seasonal views of the Japan Sea in Yurihonjo City along Route 7 running north-south and from coastline roads. The beauty of the nature,  with the blue sea, white sand beach and green pine trees,  is comforting. 



Michikawa Swimming Beach
This beach is known for the white sand and green pine trees. It’s shallow and the water is clear. It’s gained popularity as a spot where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset over the Japan Sea. It has improved water and sanitation systems, some beach houses are open, and the facilities are good with the shower, restrooms and changerooms. In the vicinity, Iwaki Auto Camping Site and also Michi-no-Eki (road station) Iwaki with a hot spring are located.

Open: Mid July to Mid August
Transportation: 3 minutes on foot from JR Michikawa Station

Inquiries (Japanese only)
Iwaki Branch Office, Yurihonjo City Tourist Association (c/o Industry Department, Iwaki Branch Office of Yurihonjo City)
 PHONE 0184-73-2014
 FAX 0184-73-2131

Honjo Marina Swimming Beach
This beach has the largest swimming area in the prefecture. From the beach, the graceful Mt. Chokai can be seen. Changerooms and bathrooms are made with accessibility in mind. During the season, it is crowded with families and young people from in and outside of the prefecture enjoying marine sports. The neighboring auto camping facilities give you opportunities to experience hassle-free outdoor life.

Open :  Mid July to Mid August
Transportation: 15 minutes by car from JR Ugohonjo Station

Inquiries(Japanese Only)
Honjo Branch Office, Yurihonjo City Tourist Association (c/o Tourism Development Department, Yurihonjo City Office)
 PHONE 0184-24-6349
 FAX 0184-24-3044

Nishime Swimming Beach
Having a long shallow beach, Nishime Swimming Beach is great for swimming. Visitors appreciate the clear water, too, and a lot of people have a good time by sea bathing here in the summer. The nearby Nishime Seashore has been selected for one of the 100 Most Beautiful Beaches With White Sand and Pine Trees of Japan.”

Open : From Mid July to Mid August
Transportation: 5 minutes by car from JR Nishime Station

Inquiries(Japanese Only)
Nishime Branch Office, Yurihonjo City Tourist Association (c/o Industry Department, Nishime Branch Office, Yurihonjo City)
 PHONE 0184-33-4615
 FAX 0184-33-4189



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Yurihonjo City Tourist Association 17 Ozaki, Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture TEL 0184-24-6376 FAX 0184-24-3044