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c.Japanese Sake & Amasagi Wine
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Japanese Sake 
Blessed with the natural environment suitable for rice growing along the Koyoshigawa River and its tributaries, Yurihonjo City is proud to produce high quality rice recognized across Japan. Many sake breweries started by the river where the clear water flows in from the foot of Mt. Chokai, and “Toji” or master brewers have been raised. The Japanese sake culture has flourished. Today, more particular about brewing skills, high-grade sake such as Daiginjo, is also brewed. The local sake is now very well received in Europe and other parts of the world. 


Amasagi Wine 
Iwaki area of Yurihonjo is facing the Japan Sea and is surrounded by the hills in three directions, which makes the summer warm and, in the winter, the cold seasonal wind blows in. Such seasonal changes with big differences in temperature help them grow plums in good colors and with a great taste. Typical breeds are Beauty, dumb Sol, and Star King Delicious which produce fresh and graceful wine and brandy.  


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Japanese Sake
Japanese Sake
Amasagi Wine
Amasagi Wine
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