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a.Jersey Dairy Products
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Reportedly, the species of Jersey originates in the Jersey Island, England, and it was graded up to make milk patronized by the British Royal Family. Jersey cows are the smallest in the milking cows but they give excellent, nutritious milk with protein and calcium. Milk produced in the Milsey, the factory of Hanadate Pasture, is a product made by the dairy farmers who are particular with passion about making delicious milk. In the clean factory, they pasteurize fresh milk and produce great milk without sparing any work or effort. 
Speaking of soft ice cream, made of the Jersey milk and rare Jersey fresh cream, the key is the rich taste. A touch of liqueur is added but the flavor is made solely from vanilla.
They also produce yogurt by making best use of Jersey milk’s nutrition and flavor. A probiotics health food, Jersey Yogurt, is also on sale with a catch copy of “Lactic acid bacteria, reaching intestines still alive, Jersey Yogurt”.


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Milsey, Hanadate Pasture Factory MAP   FOR MORE (Japanese Site)
Transportation: 20 minutes by car from Yashima Station, Yurikogen Railway
PHONE:0184-55-2929 FAX:0184-55-2921 E-mail:

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