c4.Michi-no-Eki “Higashi Yuri”, Kizakura Village

2011-1-26 10:02 Submitter:  管理人
Kizakura Hot Spring “Yurari” is a Japanese style structure reminding you of old town streets and it is a hot spring for the beautiful skin as it keeps your skin smooth. “Yashio”,  a restaurant in the road station, serves French duck as its specialty, “Yashio Soba Noodles” made of buckwheat grown locally and a variety of other dishes. You can buy also a local beer (“Botsumeki Beer”) brewed with spring water from Mt. Yashio located in the vicinity.  

Transportation: 40 minutes from Yokote City and 30 minutes from central Honjo, driving on Route 107

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 Kizakura Village
 PHONE 0184-69-2611
 FAX 0184-69-2839