c3.Michi-no-Eki ”Ouchi”, Heart Port Ouchi

2011-1-26 19:01 Submitter:  管理人

It is located in the countryside about a ten-minute drive to the east on Route 105 from central Honjo. The road station serves as a “dual station” since it’s connected with JR Ugoiwaya Station and you can freely come and go between the two stations. Its facilities include “Popolocco” with convenient services inclusive of lodging, hot springs, specialty shops, an information counter, and a space for a variety of purposes, which, all in all, offers a good environment for people-to-people exchange. 

Transportation: One minute on foot from Ugoiwaya Station, JR Uetsu Line 
Inquiries (Japanese Only) 
Ouchi Town Exchange Center 
 PHONE 0184-62-1126
 FAX 0184-62-1125