c1. Michi-no-Eki “Iwaki”

2011-1-26 9:57 Submitter:  zenryokudo


Island Style Fishing Port Park – Iwaki Island Park
Windmills will tell you where this road station is located. It has an “island style fishing port”, the first in the Mainland of Japan. Having a meal on the terrace just by the ocean, taking a hot spring bath and eating grilled fish from a live fish tank are some of the attractions for visitors. The view is fantastic as located just by the Sea of Japan. Especially, the scene of the sun setting is dramatic. Exactly a great spot for tourists along Route 7, traditionally known as “Obako Okesa Line”. 

Transportation: 5 minutes on foot from Iwakiminato Station, JR Uetsu Line 

Inquiries (Japanese Only) 
 Iwaki Island Park
 PHONE 0184-73-3789
 FAX 0184-73-3790