d1.Sarukura Hot Spring Village

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Sarukura Hot Spring, gushing out of the side of Mt. Chokai, is known as a hot spring for the beauty of skin. Sarukura Hot Spring Village is best as a base for touring in and around Mt. Chokai to enjoy mountaineering, skiing and outing. 

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It is a natural resort in the rich green of many beech trees. All guest rooms are in the Western style with a view of Mt. Chokai. It also has a restaurant with the look of Scandinavia, banquet halls and lounges.  

Transportation : 30 minutes by car from Yashima Station, Yurikogen Railway 
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While you enjoy the view of Mt. Chokai, you can also enjoy soaking in different kinds of hot baths, such as an open-air bath, a bubble bath, a slapping bath, a water pressure bath, a bed bath and a sauna. Recommended for a long stay for therapeutic effects.

Transportation : 20 minutes by car from Yashima Station, Yurikogen Railway 
PHONE:0184-58-2065 FAX:0184-58-2007