d2.Stop-by Hot Springs

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Hot Spring Tsurumai MAP  FOR MORE(Japanese Site) 
Located by the Otesaku-tsusumi of Honjo Park, its appearance like a castle characterizes this place. 
Transportation: 5 minutes by car from Ugohonjo Station, JR Uetsu Line 

Pine Spa Shinzan MAP (Japanese Site) 
Located in the pine tree woods, 2 minutes to Honjo Marina by car.
Transportation: 15 minutes by car from Ugohonjo Station, JR Uetsu Line 

Iwaki Hot Spring  Minato-no Yu MAP 
Located in the Michi-no-Eki “Iwaki”, overlooking the Japan Sea, this place is very popular among driving travelers. 
Transportation: 3 minutes on foot from Iwakiminato Station, JR Uetsu Line 
PHONE:0184-73-3789 FAX:0184-73-3790 

Kizakura Hot Spring  Yurari MAP
Located in the Michi-no-Eki “Higashi-yuri”. The restaurant is also popular with dishes using many local products on the menu.
Transportation: 40 minutes from Yokote City and 30 minutes from downtown Honjo, driving via Route 107.
PHONE:0184-69-2611 FAX:0184-69-2839

General Meeting Terminal “Popolocco”  MAP
Conveniently located, it is connected with both Michi-no-Eki “Ouchi” and JR Ugoiwaya Station.
Transportation:One-minute walk from JR Ugoiwaya Station
PHONE:0184-62-1126 FAX:0184-62-1125 E-mail:

Yuriemon, Exchange Center of Yuri-no-sato  MAP (Japanese Site)
Plenty of wood is used in this facility, giving warm feelings with woody smell.
Transportation: 3 minutes on foot from Maego Station, Yurikogen Railway
PHONE:0184-53-2651 FAX:0184-53-2691 E-mail:

Kashiwa-onsen  MAP (Japanese Site)
A “Bokeyoke Jizo” (Senility Preventive Jizo statue) standing in the compound is also a talk of the town.
Transportation: 5 minutes by car from JR Nishime Station
PHONE:0184-33-2259 FAX:0184-33-2259

Hot Spring Tsurumai
Hot Spring Tsurumai