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Local Products(4 Items)
Local Products
Yurihonjo City offers you a diversity of special local products thanks to the colorful four seasons. This is because of the big differences in the altitudes and temperatures between the Japan Sea coastline and the inland Chokai-kogen Highland, combined  with the rich natural environment, i.e.,  the ocean, mountains and the river.
Taste of the Highland
Jersey Dairy Products  Dairy products made of milk from Jersey cows raised in the Hanadate Pasture in the Chokai-kogen Highland, are well received not only by the local people but also by tourists.
Akita Yuri-gyu Beef  Akita Yuri-gyu, one of the Japanese species raised with water and grass of excellent quality, the beef is recognized nationwide as a notable Japanese new brand.
Famous Brands of Sake

Japanese Sake  High quality rice and water are produced in Yurihonjo City, thanks to the Koyoshigawa River flowing from the foot of Mt. Chokai, which makes the city known for many breweries producing delicious “sake”.

Plum Wine  In the Iwaki area, there is a big difference in temperature between night and day, making plums grow excellent in colors and taste, perfect for making wine and brandy.
Village Taste
Tsukemono Pickles In Yurihonjo, known for good rice, people love a variety of local pickles of the season as they go best with rice.
Udon Noodles   Honjo Udon, Kinusaya-men (pea pod noodles), Yurine (lily bulb) Udon are typical udon noodles, special to Yurihonjo.
Soba Noodles   Mountainous areas in Yurihonjo are suitable for “soba” (buckwheat) growing. Chokai Momoyake Soba and  Yashio Soba are two popular soba noodle brands.
Matsukawa Mochi  Traditionally, people would eat Matsukawa Mochi, a kind of rice cake,  on festive occasions.  Today, it’s noted for its efficacy for poor blood circulation.
Traditional Arts and Crafts
Honjo Goten-Mari  Tassels hanging in three places characterize Honjo Goten-Mari (palace balls), designed with vivid colors and patterns. Every November, a national competition of  “goten-mari” takes place in the city.
Honjo Sashiko   “Sashiko” (quilted coat) was originally intended to make fabric stronger and for its extra insulation. However, these days, its practicality and beauty go together after being handed down from generation to generation.
Kumikozaiku   “Kumikozaiku” (rounded cubic works), made of thousands of “kiriko” (rounded wooden cubes), is an assembly of elaborate skills. It takes ten years for a craftsman to learn making a finished piece of work.


Local Products / Detail

a.Jersey Dairy Products

b.Akita Yuri-gyu Beef

c.Famous Brands of Sake

d.Honjo Goten-Mari  

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a.Jersey Dairy Products
a.Jersey Dairy Products
2011-1-26 5:33  Submitter: 管理人 [ 6864hit ]
Reportedly, the species of Jersey originates in the Jersey Island, England, and it was graded up to make milk patronized by the British Royal Family. Jersey cows are the smallest in the milking cows but they give excellent, nutritious milk with protein and calcium. Milk produced in the Milsey, the factory of Hanadate Pasture, is a product made by the dairy farmers who are particular with passion about making delicious milk. In the clean factory, they pasteurize fresh milk and produce great milk without s...
b.Akita Yuri-gyu Beef
b.Akita Yuri-gyu Beef
2010-12-8 8:49  Submitter: 管理人 [ 13958hit ]
In the highland spreading at the foot of Mt. Chokai, Akita Yuri-gyu, one of the Japanese species of beef cattle, is raised with good quality water and grass. Farmers take good care of them and the cattle raised in the nature-rich environment gives high quality beef with fine “sashi” (fat), also called “shimofuri”. It is recognized as a notable new Japanese beef brand not only within the prefecture but also in the metropolitan area.    【Places Serving Akita Yuri-gy...
c.Japanese Sake & Amasagi Wine
c.Japanese Sake & Amasagi Wine
2011-1-26 5:56  Submitter: 管理人 [ 8113hit ]
Japanese Sake  Blessed with the natural environment suitable for rice growing along the Koyoshigawa River and its tributaries, Yurihonjo City is proud to produce high quality rice recognized across Japan. Many sake breweries started by the river where the clear water flows in from the foot of Mt. Chokai, and “Toji” or master brewers have been raised. The Japanese sake culture has flourished. Today, more particular about brewing skills, high-grade sake such as Daiginjo, is also brewed. Th...
d.Honjo Goten-Mari (palace balls)
d.Honjo Goten-Mari (palace balls)
2011-1-26 5:58  Submitter: 管理人 [ 9964hit ]
Goten-Mari represents the traditional Japanese beauty. It is a Honjo’s typical handicraft made in the hopes of children’s healthy growth. Sophisticated creativity brings out the vivid colors and design. Tassels hanging in three places characterize Honjo Goten-mari.  【To Buy】  Handifraft Shop Saito  Transportation: 3 minutes on foot from JR Ugohonjo Station  PHONE:0184-23-0075 FAX:0184-22-1182  URL:
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