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a1.Chokai-kogen Highland Yashima Ski Resort
a1.Chokai-kogen Highland Yashima Ski Resort
2011-1-26 9:26  Submitter: zenryokudo [ 8920hit ]
The ski area has 6 runs and the biggest difference in altitude is 220 meters. The longest sliding distance is 1300 meters. This place is designed so that beginners as well as advanced skiers can enjoy. The main slope is flat and wide (80 meters) and great for carving skis. In response to a recent trend, it also has a “snow park”, specifically made for snowboarding.  ※Built with 3 pair-lifts and evening-hour skiing facilities.  ※Business Hours:  9:00 to 21:00 (Evening hours:...
a2.Chokai Okojoland Ski Resort
a2.Chokai Okojoland Ski Resort
2011-1-26 9:43  Submitter: 管理人 [ 7354hit ]
Two runs, 140 meters of the biggest difference in altitude, the longest sliding of 900 meters. This is the best place for families with small children and for beginners who want to take a time to practice. In the neighborhood, accommodations with hot springs are available. They are Hotel Foresta Chokai, Hotel Masaka, and Chokaiso For Resting and Staying. You can rest well soaking in one of the hot springs after skiing.  ※Built with one pair-lift and evening-hour skiing facilities  ※Business...
b1.Boat Plaza Aqua Pal
b1.Boat Plaza Aqua Pal
2011-1-26 9:52  Submitter: 管理人 [ 8303hit ]
Rowing matches are very popular in Yurihonjo City and this site is the center of water sports. It is a complex facility unique in Japan, consisted of a boat storage to store competition boats and canoes, a membership sports gym, “Museum of Water and River” where you can learn with fun the nature and history of the Koyoshigawa River and, a multiple-purpose hall good for a variety of events. This is one of the best spots in the country to practice rowing.  The history of rowing in the city...
c1. Michi-no-Eki “Iwaki”
c1. Michi-no-Eki “Iwaki”
2011-1-26 9:57  Submitter: zenryokudo [ 8479hit ]
 Island Style Fishing Port Park – Iwaki Island ParkWindmills will tell you where this road station is located. It has an “island style fishing port”, the first in the Mainland of Japan. Having a meal on the terrace just by the ocean, taking a hot spring bath and eating grilled fish from a live fish tank are some of the attractions for visitors. The view is fantastic as located just by the Sea of Japan. Especially, the scene of the sun setting is dramatic. Exactly a great spot for t...
c2.Michi-no-Eki “Nishime”, Town of Sweetbriers
c2.Michi-no-Eki “Nishime”, Town of Sweetbriers
2011-1-26 9:59  Submitter: zenryokudo [ 7513hit ]
Located by the Route 7, which runs through the central part of the Nishime area, you can have a great view of Mt. Chokai. It has a small park with swings, chutes and a gazebo, perfect spot to play with kids and take a break. In the local specialty shop, you can buy mushrooms from Nishime Town, apples and Inaniwa Udon Noodles known as a specialty of Akita. In the vicinity, you will also find “Herb World AKITA” (※Link to Home Page).  Transportation: 15 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car...
c3.Michi-no-Eki ”Ouchi”, Heart Port Ouchi
c3.Michi-no-Eki  ”Ouchi”, Heart Port Ouchi
2011-1-26 10:01  Submitter: 管理人 [ 7796hit ]
It is located in the countryside about a ten-minute drive to the east on Route 105 from central Honjo. The road station serves as a “dual station” since it’s connected with JR Ugoiwaya Station and you can freely come and go between the two stations. Its facilities include “Popolocco” with convenient services inclusive of lodging, hot springs, specialty shops, an information counter, and a space for a variety of purposes, which, all in all, offers a good environment for peopl...
c4.Michi-no-Eki “Higashi Yuri”, Kizakura Village
c4.Michi-no-Eki “Higashi Yuri”, Kizakura Village
2011-1-26 10:02  Submitter: 管理人 [ 7001hit ]
Kizakura Hot Spring “Yurari” is a Japanese style structure reminding you of old town streets and it is a hot spring for the beautiful skin as it keeps your skin smooth. “Yashio”,  a restaurant in the road station, serves French duck as its specialty, “Yashio Soba Noodles” made of buckwheat grown locally and a variety of other dishes. You can buy also a local beer (“Botsumeki Beer”) brewed with spring water from Mt. Yashio located in the vicinity.  ...
c5.Michi-no-Eki “Shimizu-no-sato, Chokaigo”
c5.Michi-no-Eki  “Shimizu-no-sato, Chokaigo”
2011-1-26 10:03  Submitter: 管理人 [ 6843hit ]
They sell seasonal fresh vegetables, edible wild plants and fruits coming from nearby farmers, processed products including canned bamboo shoots and mushrooms, “miso” and pickles, apples, mountain grape juice and other juices, among others. In the restaurant located next to the shop, you can enjoy Momoyake Soba noodles, Inaniwa Udon noodles, Matsukawa Mochi rice cakes and various set menus.  Transportation: One hour by car from Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, and from central Honjo&n...
d1.Sarukura Hot Spring Village
d1.Sarukura Hot Spring Village
2011-1-26 10:15  Submitter: 管理人 [ 6535hit ]
Sarukura Hot Spring, gushing out of the side of Mt. Chokai, is known as a hot spring for the beauty of skin. Sarukura Hot Spring Village is best as a base for touring in and around Mt. Chokai to enjoy mountaineering, skiing and outing.  Hotel Foresta Chokai MAP  FOR MORE   It is a natural resort in the rich green of many beech trees. All guest rooms are in the Western style with a view of Mt. Chokai. It also has a restaurant with the look of Scandinavia, banquet halls and lounges.&n...
d2.Stop-by Hot Springs
d2.Stop-by Hot Springs
2011-1-26 10:27  Submitter: 管理人 [ 6859hit ]
Hot Spring Tsurumai MAP  FOR MORE(Japanese Site)  Located by the Otesaku-tsusumi of Honjo Park, its appearance like a castle characterizes this place.  Transportation: 5 minutes by car from Ugohonjo Station, JR Uetsu Line  PHONE:0184-23-7227  Pine Spa Shinzan MAP (Japanese Site)  Located in the pine tree woods, 2 minutes to Honjo Marina by car.Transportation: 15 minutes by car from Ugohonjo Station, JR Uetsu Line  PHONE:0184-28-1661  Iwaki Hot Spring ...
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